Save Money by Air Drying Clothes

clothesline-300I’ve been living without a clothes dryer since last August. When I first moved into my roommates new house (old house, new to us) we lacked a few essentials. After a month we obtained a washer, but the ancient dryer given to us by my roommate’s dad bit the dust during transport. We took the machine apart several times in an attempt to fix its inability to dry our clothes, but nearly six months later and our situation is still the same. However, despite my irritation at the beginning of the move-in, I have grown to love air drying clothes! One of my other roommates put twine across the basement walls and we have been hanging our clothes down there on a weekly basis. I also hang mine on plastic hangers or outside when the sun is warm. I was worried that my clothes would end up looking stretched out, but they are actually in BETTER condition now that the stress of a hot dryer has been negated. Not only are my clothes lasting longer, but we are saving money on the electricity bill!

Smiley 360: Possible Free Sweetarts Soft & Chewy Ropes!


Smiley 360 is currently offering a brand mission for SweeTarts Soft and Chewy Ropes! Go here to sign in and take a short survey on your dashboard. If you qualify, you will be sent 2 packages of product for sampling.

I get a lot of samples from Smiley 360! It is a great program! I had the offer in my dashboard and was able to qualify (I said yes to everything). They should arrive in about 4-6 weeks!