Extra Coins Anyone?


I once read a book by a man who had a goal of making his first million by the age of 30. While he eventually made his million by being in the right place at the right time during a boom in the housing industry in California, he also wrote about small ways to save and gain in every day living.

This fellow advocated for picking up any and all loose change found on the ground, even the seemingly useless brown pennies. He kept a coin purse on his key chain that he would fill throughout the week.

I find coins in a multitude of places on the ground. Parking lots are a good spot to look for coins that have fallen out of pockets or purses as individuals root about looking for keys. Also underneath laundry mat washers and dryers, in seat cushions, and on the floor at check stands. This evening as I was picking up a few items from Smiths, I noticed a handful of change (about 28 cents to be exact) left in the change receptacle of my check out lane. I keep a jar in my room of coins, both found and acquired as change. It is nearly full, so a trip to the bank may soon be in order.