You Would Never Guess….


…that Lip Smackers Dr. Pepper is my favorite lip gloss of choice! I discovered it many, many years ago, in a land far, far away….

But seriously! I have tried dozens of lip glosses, lip creams, lipsticks by over a dozen different brands (Burts Bees, Cover Girl, Loreal, etc), and this one still remains my favorite. The color of the Dr. Pepper red is perfect for my light skin tone and the texture has the right amount of staying power without being overly glossy or overly chalky.

I had a friend ask me once, “What are you, 10?” when I pulled out my Lip Smacker. Yes, I may be 31, but I know what I like!

Free Coupon for a Bottle of Icelandic Water


Go here to enter your email on the Icelandic Facebook page for a free bottle of Icelandic Water.

You will have 10 minutes to print the coupon. You can also save the coupon as a PDF.

Go here to see what stores carry the water near you. According to the product locator, these can be found at Kroger stores and affiliates like Smiths.

Cartridge World


For over a year I was purchasing all my printer ink from Staples for an old HP Photosmart printer I had gotten for free from an old roommate before my exodus from Alaska to Utah in 2011.

After discovering the used cartridge promotion at Staples where I could turn in up to 10 cartridges a month and get $2 in store credit, I would use the credit to buy more ink. (I had come across a bunch of trashed printers at a dump in Fairbanks and I collected over a 100 cartridges over a summer-long period). However, after a year of turning in old cartridges for credit, Staples changed their policy where I wasn’t allowed to use the credit to purchase ink AND I had to purchase a specific amount of ink in a 6-month period. There went my beautiful, free ink!

After trying to order cartridges online through Amazon and a refill company with poor results, I was literally out and about one day on my bike when I pedaled past a place called Cartridge World. The store looked slightly cheesy with it’s garish yellow signs, but after perusing their prices online I discovered they were about half what I could find anywhere else ($14 a pop versus $24). They were refurbished cartridges, but I thought I would give them a try.

Behold! What I am forced to pay for printing costs has been halved!

Cartridge World also offers a punch card deal where you get a free cartridge for every 10 you bring in to be refilled (they don’t actually refill the one you bring in–the customer service agent simply takes your old cartridge and exchanges it for a refurbished one from the back).

While I still haven’t found a way to get free ink, I have at least found a cheaper option. And 50% off is better than nothing. 🙂



For the past several days I had been experiencing a bit of an earache. The pain was concentrated in my ear canal and didn’t bother me at all in regards to pain other than the infection had swollen my ear canal shut.

I literally wouldn’t have been able to hear a bomb go off. At least on the left side of my head.

I did not realize before how much being able to hear out of both ears affected my ability to gauge my own voice. I had trouble staying on tune while in church and, when talking with others, either spoke too loudly or too quietly.

I have been working a short term research position for a professor on campus at my old University where I interview individuals during a local festival (more on that later). Listening to others with soft voices or in a crowd has been challenging!

Last night I decided to try and warm my ear somehow. I used to lay my head on hot water bottles when I was a child, but floppy water bottles are not something I generally keep around. So I improvised with hot coffee poured into a thermos. I held my ear over the lid of the thermos for about 10 minutes, letting the heat soak into my skin. .

It worked like a charm! I awoke to my normal self, one able to distinguish bombs from pin drops. 🙂 This experience has definitely given me enhanced compassion for individuals with poor hearing, whether it is age induced or otherwise. When I become frustrated with individuals who are hard of hearing, I will always remember my 3 days of being half deaf.


Free Subscription to Better Homes and Gardens


Go here to sign up for a complimentary one year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens. No strings attached! Compliments of ValueMags.

Here is what ValueMags states regarding the magazine offer:

“Better Homes and Gardens magazine delivers ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas. Some features include: decorating, repair, food recipes, gift ideas, health tips, gardening, travel, entertainment and product news.”

Sounds good to me! Even if I am not interested in the magazine topics, these often have good coupons you generally don’t find elsewhere, plus I like to use magazine  pages for crafts. 🙂

New Glade Coupon


Right at Home is currently offering members a $1.50 off any Glade item coupon when you share on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

This is a really good deal! Target had Glade products marked down to $1.48 each last I checked the clearance section. Ibotta and Target store coupons often come up with extra savings you can stack with the $1.50 coupon.

Definitely a good one to print out (limit of two prints per computer) and keep for a sale!