Free Entrance to National Parks 2/14-2/16


I am incredibly blessed to have lived in Utah for the past 4 years. One of the most spectacular elements is the accessibility I have to the many Federal and State parks within Utah. I have spent many, many weekends with friends repelling, climbing, and hiking the amazing sandstone canyons of the Southwest.

Having a Moab plan in the mix with friends is only sweetened by our ability to enter any of the parks for FREE this President’s Day weekend!

Go here for a list of participating parks. Also here for other upcoming weekends where admission will be free for specific holidays.

Generally, admission to a national park can cost anywhere from $10-$25. So plan a trip and go explore!

Thanks Coupons4Utah!

Free Sample of Fancy Feast Broth!


Do you have a cat or know of someone who does? Then hop on over here to sign up for a free packet of Fancy Feast Broth.Click on the right side with the cat that says “Try a bowl.”

Ships in 8-10 weeks.

I don’t have a cat, but our neighbors have a kitty that comes to visit us. I fed him the last sample if this that I had received and she loved it!

Rite Aid: Free Ricola Drops 2/15!


Ricola are one of my favorite brand of cough drops! Luckily both you and I will be able to pick these up for free (with a 50 cent moneymaker!) at Rite Aid starting 2/15!

Ricola cough drops 2/$3

Go here to print a $1 Ricola Dual Action or Extra Strength Product Rite Aid Coupon

Go here to print a $1.50 Ricola Cough Drop Pack 18-24 ct Rite Aid Coupon

Go here to signup and then submit for $1 Snap App rebate

= Free and 50¢ moneymaker!

Thanks coocooforcoupons!

My Freebie Haul!


I completed my loop through town, stopping at Target, Rite Aid, and then Whole Foods on the way home. I was super disappointed that Target did not have the Ziplocks 2/$2.50! The sale is good until the 28th, but the shelves were cleared. There are a ton of women who coupon at Target. Almost 75% of the time when I stop in there are one or two of them wheeling around with a giant binder of coupons. I used to have a binder my first year of couponing, but then realized how awkward it was. Plus I did not like everyone staring at me. I now have a small coupon folder I keep hidden in my purse. I am organized enough that before I walk into a store, or even leave my car for that matter, I tuck all the coupons I plan on using into my planner book. No one stares at a planner!

I did get the Glade candles and Nature Valley granola. I also got the Zantac deal and at the last minute decided to grab two of the cheaper Ziplocks I could find. I am trying to work on my Ibotta rebates and they qualified. Plus I had coupons expiring.

Rite Aid had the Old Spice deoderant, but I didn’t have enough +UPS to roll with the Physicians formula rebate. I plan on going back later in the week to finish up.

I then stopped at Whole Foods to grab the Dream Horchata and the Imagine Soups. I made 50 cents off my last stop after submitting the Imagine chunky style soup to Checkout 51.

It had been awhile since I had completed a longer couponing trip. It felt good, however I do feel guilty for not working more on writing like I had planned. There is always tomorrow!


Free Subscription to Men’s Health Magazine


Go here for a free subscription to Men’s Health magazine courtesy of Mercy Magazines.

I love reading workout magazines, but am often frustrated with women’s magazines due to their overabundant focus on clothes and looks. Men’s Health is one of my favorite magazines because the articles are practical and focused on actual difficult workouts and not on how to lift 5-pound weights for 10 minutes a day.

Rite Aid: Free Jergens 2/22


Did you miss last weeks deal or think you might need more Jergens lotion? Rite Aid is offering a $5+UP when you purchase two Jergens items (Limit 2). Better yet, these come out free with coupons!

Buy 2 Jergens Hand Lotion 10oz ($4.29 or $3.45 GOLD)

Use 1 $3/2 Manufacturer Coupon (Go here to print).

Use $2 Rite Aid Video Values Coupon (Go here to print).

Pay $3.59 (or $1.90 with GOLD)

Get $5+UPS

Price= Free or moneymaker!